Blog SenHub and Lansweeper: a breathtaking duo to conclude 2023 with style

SenHub and Lansweeper: a breathtaking duo to conclude 2023 with style

By Matthieu Noirbusson
11 December 2023 • 3 minutes read

As the year comes to a close, SenHub is set to crown a period of exceptional innovations with the announcement of the new Lansweeper connector. This technological breakthrough, unveiled just in time for the year-end festivities, marks the pinnacle of a year rich in transformations for SenHub.

Imagine, if you will, a redesigned interface for an unparalleled user experience, a revitalized source code for smooth updates, expanded compatibility with Zabbix, and successful integration with advanced connectors such as Azure Logs Analytics and Azure Filtered Metrics. This was just the prelude.

With the introduction of the Lansweeper connector, SenHub continues its mission to revolutionize IT infrastructure management. This latest addition promises an unprecedented integration, offering users an even more comprehensive and powerful solution to address the complex challenges of modern computing.

In this article, let’s dive into the world of the Lansweeper connector together. Discover how this pre-holiday innovation perfects a year already marked by excellence and explore the opportunities it opens up for more efficient IT management in 2024. Get ready to be amazed by the exceptional tandem formed by SenHub and Lansweeper.

Introduction to Lansweeper

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Discovery (ITAM) solution used by businesses to track and vizualize their IT assets, including hardware and software, and to provide IT service management features.

Here are some key features of Lansweeper:

  • Asset Inventory: Lansweeper scans and inventories hardware and software assets on the network, providing a comprehensive view of the IT environment.
  • License Management: It helps track software license usage, ensure compliance with licenses, and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Patch Management: Lansweeper can identify necessary updates and patches for installed software, facilitating the management of security patches.
  • Custom Reports: It offers features for creating custom reports, allowing IT administrators to extract specific information according to their needs.

The tool is used by IT teams to optimize infrastructure management, improve security, and ensure compliance with licenses and company policies.

Additionally, Lansweeper offers a marketplace of compatible applications, allowing users to integrate asset management into the broader IT infrastructure management environment. This is precisely where the SenHub Lansweeper connector comes into play.

Strategic convergence: merging inventory, security, and alerts for optimal IT management

Integrating hardware and software inventory tracking, version management, and vulnerability data into the IT team’s monitoring tool is a significant step toward more efficient and proactive IT operations. Here are some key advantages this brings to the IT team:

  • Comprehensive Visibility and Rapid Response: By consolidating hardware, software, and vulnerability data, the IT team gains a complete view of the environment, enabling quick responses to incidents.
  • Version Management and Enhanced Security: Tracking software versions and identifying potential vulnerabilities ensures applications are up-to-date, reducing security risks and strengthening overall security posture.
  • Optimized Alert Processes and SLA Monitoring: Integrating inventory data improves alert accuracy, allowing the team to customize thresholds and ensure SLA compliance, contributing to high user satisfaction.
  • Preventive Planning and Operational Efficiency: With a deep understanding of inventory, version management, and vulnerabilities, the team can plan preventive actions, optimize resources, and improve overall operational efficiency.

In summary, integrating this data into the monitoring tool allows the IT team to act proactively, be alerted to issues related to their IT assets, improve service quality, and strengthen the overall security of the information system. It is an essential catalyst for efficient IT management focused on problem prevention.

Seamless integration continues

The SenHub connector has been meticulously designed to ensure a smooth and familiar transition for Lansweeper users when retrieving data.


Following the logic and layout of dashboards such as “General Overview,” “Assets,” “Inventory Health,” “Security,” and many others, SenHub organizes the delivery of information to faithfully reflect the structure of Lansweeper dashboards. This transparent approach allows users to maintain their habits with key data and indicators while taking advantage of the extended features offered by SenHub.

Whether examining the overall state, managing assets, evaluating inventory health, or monitoring security, users will find continuity in their experience, benefiting from the invaluable advantage of having this consolidated data within their preferred IT supervision tool.


In conclusion

The introduction of the SenHub connector marks a significant step in the evolution of IT management, offering Lansweeper users an integrated solution that combines continuity and innovation.

With the organized retrieval of data according to the familiar structure of dashboards, users experience a smooth transition while benefiting from the extended features of SenHub.

This synergy between the familiarity of existing tools and technological advances positions SenHub as an indispensable solution for effective, consolidated, and forward-thinking IT supervision.

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