Blog New connector : Mr Suricate

New connector : Mr Suricate

By Matthieu Noirbusson
5 January 2023 • 2 minutes read

APM tools are perfect examples of Senhub’s usefulness. With Senhub, we reconcile the visions of application availability between end-users and IT administrators by integrating the measurement of the user experience in technical dashboards.

After New Relic One and Ekara, we are proud to announce the availability of the Mr Suricate connector!

What is Mr Suricate ?

Founded in 2015 by Fabrice Beck and Fabien Van Herreweghe, Mr Suricate is a Nantes-based company (France)  specializing in bug and anomaly detection by reproducing customer journeys, on websites and mobiles.

The Mr Suricate solution is aimed at large groups as well as various multi-sector players in e-commerce, banking and insurance. It allows the delegation of the entire functional test campaigns to a team of experienced experts. A service that offers many services in a package at no extra cost.

In concrete terms, Mr Suricate’s teams develop test scenarios for web applications in collaboration with their customers and automate these tests on production, pre-production or acceptance platforms.

The advantages don’t stop there!

Continuously monitored, application problems are detected and their causes analyzed by Mr Suricate’s experts.

The IT team can anticipate and proactively communicate with their users.

How to improve incident handling and communication to users?

When a problem is detected, Mr Suricate alerts his client through their portal and messaging effects. For some customers, developments can be made for a better integration with the IT team’s operating processes. But these developments are specific and must be maintained and adapted to each particular case.

Senhub solves this problem by providing an out-of-the-box connector, highly available and maintained by an experienced DevOps team.

ITOps focus their operations management around only a few tools, including their infrastructure monitoring tool. It is usually used to detect incidents, alert operators and help diagnose.

By integrating Mr Suricate to their operational dashboards, Senhub gives the possibility to follow the status of the scenarios as well as the current incidents managed by Mr Suricate.

The IT team can thus anticipate and communicate proactively with their users.


Incident tracking in PRTG

The Senhub in a few words

Created by IT monitoring experts for their customers, Senhub extends the capability of infrastructure monitoring tools by providing rich and powerful connectors to many cloud providers.

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